Megan Daalder
performer, artist and investigator of life on Earth

Megan May Daalder is a self-styled guinea pig using performance, video, and scientific curiosity to investigate life on Earth. Her main interest is in probing the human brain and body for inspiration into future possibilities.

Her videos and performances have been shown internationally at Mains D’Ouvres in Paris and the WRO media art center in Poland, where she took top prize for her Mirrorbox installation. Her video Painting the Town was shown on 2,0000 Los Angeles City Busses for the Freewaves Out the Window Project and she recently completed a feature length documentary called “The Terrestrials” which was nominated as ‘Best Archive Preservation Project’ by FIAT/IFTA in the Netherlands.

Currently, she is collaborating with neuroscientists at USC to research the new sense of shared identity she discovered through her Mirrorbox installation. She is also writing and performing in a post climate change docu-sci-fi film, which explores the future of human modification in response to environmental challenges.