Linda Nicholls

Linda Nicholls is the on stage host for TEDxGabriolaIsland. Linda is a respected and dynamic facilitator with an extensive background in group process. Her innovative approach has been credited with sparking the potential within an array of individuals, personal and professional relationships, and public and private sector teams.

Linda’s expertise is an integration of her eclectic background in business, executive training, coaching, psychotherapy and a Ph.D. in Therapeutic Counseling, with three decades of experience dedicated to the relational arts and sciences. Her work with groups includes combining theory and practice, using whole-person engagement through congruent communication processes, breath and body-mind-heart integration, meditation, and activating imagination.

Her direct yet compassionate approach establishes a foundation of respect and dignity, igniting a spirit for discovery to address the multi-faceted and often complex nature of accomplishing genuine whole-person health and harmony.

Based on her belief that harmonious co-existence in our world is created one person at a time, beginning within the individual, then between individuals, then extending among communities, her groups focus on personal growth and transformation, professional development, lifestyle education, and strengthening interpersonal relational skills.

Linda finds nothing more enlivening than going into a circle with people and engaging in intensely personal and inventive ways to facilitate individual and group transformation. People emerge with fresh insight, vitality, inspiration, and well-being, prepared to thrive from a deepened sense of connection.

Linda values nature’s diversity — the vast and varied outdoor landscapes of our earth as well as the vast and varied interior landscapes of human beings. She celebrates the range of life force, from still and calm to wild and unpredictable, dissonant to harmonious, silent to cacophonous, gentle to rough, tender sensuality to ecstatic charge. Her work encourages the embodiment of diversity as a natural human resource, enabling compassionate engagement with the world from our highest and best self.

A keen interest in film-making, theatre, photography and wilderness adventures complement this vibrant great-grandmother’s passion for her global pursuit as an agent for creative transformation.

Linda is Senior Faculty and a member of the Educational Steering Group at The Haven Institute, a human relations learning center on Gabriola Island, BC.